Pastor Kolawole Akinbi



Pastor Kola Akinbi is an Assistant Zonal Pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God and the senior Pastor of The House of Resurrection.

Born in Lagos Island Maternity Hospital, he has traversed a remarkable journey of faith and purpose. His journey is a testament to the enduring power of faith, resilience, and God’s grace.

Kolawole’s formative years were spent in the bustling city of Lagos, where he commenced his educational odyssey at Moluka Nursery School. He continued his scholastic endeavors at Akoka Primary School and subsequently pursued his secondary education at St. Finbarr College in Akoka. With a steadfast pursuit of knowledge, Kolawole ventured to Westminster College, where he delved into the realm of Information Technology. His thirst for learning did not wane; he furthered his education at Bromley College, achieving an NVQ 4 in Promoting Independence. In addition, he honed his leadership skills by attending the Institute of Leadership and Management, accredited by City and Guilds, and ultimately earned an Advanced Diploma in Theology from Middlesex University.

Kolawole’s devotion to God was evident from an early age, as he vividly recalls being a young boy with a heart inclined toward prayer for others. It was on September 8, 1988, that he made a profound commitment to Christ, marking a significant turning point in his spiritual journey.

In 2008, amid a burgeoning career and three successful businesses, Kolawole received a divine calling that beckoned him to leave everything and serve God full-time. Despite appearing “foolish” to some, he heeded the call and has since devoted his life to this higher purpose.

Kolawole cherishes his family, particularly his 30-year marriage to Florence Adetutu Akinbi and the joy of raising his children. His unwavering support for his family is evident in his unrelenting commitment.

Kolawole’s journey within the Redeemed Christian Church of God is a testament to his enduring faith.

Kolawole’s journey as a pastor led to the establishment of The House of Resurrection, which began as a small house fellowship in Morden, Surrey. It has grown into a thriving congregation, a testament to his dedication to serving God and the community.

To fulfill this call, PKA is the visionary of several past and ongoing initiatives to bring lasting solutions to God’s people:

  • Annual God is Able Conference
  • Monthly Shiloh Hour – Prayer vigil and deliverance service
  • Monthly Breakthrough Hour (Replaced by Shiloh Hour)
  • Hour of Prayer
  • Feeding the needy and homeless
  • Christmas on Jesus – Christmas hamper distribution
  • Love thy neighbor – weekly food distribution
  • Humanitarian Response – Food distribution to the elderly and vulnerable church members during COVID
  • Ugandan Mission

He is passionate about individuals looking out for people. It is often said of PKA that you cannot be around him and be hungry.