In the heart of The House of Resurrection Parish, a remarkable and liberating event takes place every year,  drawing believers from far and wide. It’s a gathering that empowers the faithful and awakens destinies, all under the guidance of Pastor and Pastor Mrs. Kola Akinbi, the spiritual leaders who have guided their flock for almost two decades. This extraordinary occasion is none other than the “God is Able” conference, an annual celebration that marks the very inception of their ministry.

In 2005, the seeds of The House of Resurrection Parish were sown. The 30th of October, to be precise, is the day when the heavens above seemed to open up, allowing divine inspiration to flow down upon the faithful. Since that momentous day, the ministry has been on an incredible journey, turning things around, liberating souls, and renewing a sense of purpose within its community.

Fast forward to today, and “God is Able” remains a testament to the unwavering dedication of Pastor and Pastor Mrs. Kola Akinbi. This conference has become a tradition that demonstrates their relentless commitment to the spiritual growth of their congregation. The last week of November is eagerly anticipated each year, as it heralds the commencement of this extraordinary five-day event.

The “God is Able” conference is more than just a religious gathering; it’s a divine symphony of faith, hope, and love. It is a celebration of God’s boundless power, an occasion to bear witness to the incredible transformations that faith can bring. With an atmosphere brimming with the Holy Spirit, the conference is a spiritual whirlwind of worship, prayer, and the profound wisdom imparted by anointed men and women of God.

Worshipers gather to uplift their voices in harmonious praise, surrendering themselves to a higher purpose. Prayers, filled with hope and expectation, permeate the air, bridging the gap between the earthly and the divine. The Word of God is brought to life through the passionate teachings of anointed men and women of God, illuminating hearts and minds with profound truths.

But the “God is Able” conference is not merely limited to the pulpit. It is an inclusive experience that embraces the entire community, drawing them into a deeper connection with their faith and one another. Through fellowship and activities that promote unity, it empowers attendees to forge lasting bonds and discover their unique purpose in Christ Jesus

Year after year, the “God is Able” conference remains a beacon of inspiration, reminding us that faith can move mountains and that with God, all things are possible. It is a living testament to the dedication and unwavering faith of Pastor and Pastor Mrs. Kola Akinbi, who have nurtured their ministry since its inception in 2005 and in doing so, have been turning lives around, liberating souls and setting the captives free.


As we look forward to another year of transformation, renewal, and spiritual enlightenment, The House of Resurrection Parish continues to serve as a powerful testament to the enduring message that “God is Able.” The legacy of this remarkable ministry, and the conference that celebrates it, is a shining example of how faith can liberate, empower, and awaken destinies, ultimately bringing a profound sense of purpose to our lives and communities.