We are a team of millennial’s who lead the community arm of our church and have gained real life practical experience of living in an ever challenging world and wish to pass on these valuable life-skills and experience as a tool to offer guidance and support to the next generation after us. – the teenagers (Generation Z).

Our drive is to ensure that as many teenagers who require the HELP to elevate to the next chapter of their adulthood progression are aware of the support we provide at the HELP CLUB.

The teenagers of today are living in an ever changing society were their decision making skills will ultimately shape their adulthood years and therefore we believe it’s ever so more important to equip them with the necessary knowledge, wisdom & understanding in making these decisions.

We believe that there are 4 key dynamics that shapes a teenagers/young persons future prospects :

  1. Health (Mental)
  2. Employment
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Profession

We believe that every young person should get the help they require when dealing with mental health, seeking employment, making the right lifestyle choices or when deciding what profession they wish to further into their adult career.

We run a monthly program that provide teenagers with a safe environment to socialise and engage but more importantly, during these sessions we also run workshops that help to build confidence and self esteem while also providing employment opportunities we have sourced locally or via online portals.

We have a diverse team of qualified professionals and entrepreneurs who understand and have a burning passion for providing opportunities for young people who are interested in learning/developing in their respective interest or professions.

We also often offer a sports/fitness program which includes boxing, karate and football to instil and equip teenagers with discipline, respect and endurance which are all fundamental life skills.

Our monthly program ‘TGI Saturday’ enables us to promote our success stories and register more teenagers to our club.