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  1. RCCG THORP October 20, 2014 | Reply
    On Wednesday the 16th of October 2014, I left the house at about 5pm with the intention of attending a friend’s naming ceremony and Wednesday service at church afterwards. I walked briskly from my house to the train station, on getting to the train station I was sweating profusely and feeling very dizzy, so for support I held unto the iron pole on the platform and within the next second I found myself on the train track and all I could hear was a woman’s voice, shouting “help him” At that point I tried to open my eyes but I was too weak to open my eyes then I felt people helping me off the track, couple of minutes after I heard the sound of the train coming and the people around had already called the ambulance and I was taken to Kings college hospital. After thorough examination at King’s college hospital, and except for the tiny scratch on my knee, to Glory of Almighty God every other things was fine. All glory honour and adoration to Almighty God. Bro Samson

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