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Having known that this is God’s mandate for us in 2014, it is pertinent for us to walk in total obedience to ensure its fulfillment in our lives. In view of this, the life of Joseph is examined as a case study being a man that rose against all odds to fulfil his God’s given purpose. The following parameters were extrapolated from the life of Joseph:

Textual Source: Gen 37, 39, 40, 41, 42.

Vision (Hab 2:3, Pro 29:18): Vision gives an eye into the future and a man of vision knows where he is going in life. Joseph had a dream in Gen 37:7-9 and that gave him an understanding and pre-knowledge of where God was taking him to regardless of the present challenges and hurdles of life he was going through. However, a man that lacks vision of where God is taking him to lacks direction and it becomes difficult to rise above all odds.

Therefore, having vision of where God is taking you to gives you confidence to go through the challenges because faithful He is that has promised and he is more than capable to see you through it all (Num 23:19, 2Tim 1:12, Phil 1:6)

Do have a God’s given vision for 2014? If not starting praying!

Diligence (Pro 22:29, Pro 13:4, Pro 10:4, Pro 12:24): One of the virtues of hard-work is diligence and it means persistence and determined effort to complete a task. Joseph was diligent in the things of God and also in the place of his primary assignment, no wonder he was made the head of slaves in Potiphar’s house in Gen 39:4-8. Also, his diligence and attention to details caught the attention of Potiphar’s wife in Gen 39: 7-9.

How diligent are you in the things of God and your secular job? Rising above all in 2014 requires conscious effort in being diligent in things of God through doing His will in obedience to His words and also in the works of our hands.

Self Discipline (Heb 12:11, Pro 25:28, 1Cor 9:24-27, 2Tim 1:7): In 2014, God is looking for a man that will subject his 5 sense organs to His instructions. Self discipline or self-control speaks volume about the character of man as it shows the ability to control oneself in the face of challenges be it in words, deeds, actions and attitude. Joseph had opportunity to commit fornication with Potiphar’s wife free of charge but he declined because he had proposed in his heart to obey God and do His will even if it requires going to the prison as seen in Gen 39:9.

Hence, are you willing to stay on the Lord’s side and not compromise your faith in Him in 2014 like Joseph did and was greatly rewarded?

Be a Problem Solver (Pro 3:27, Rom 15:1, Ps41:1-3, Eph 4:28): In every situations or circumstances you find yourself, give helping hands to people around you even if it is not rewarded or appreciated, God will not forget the labor of your love for Him (Heb 6:10). Joseph solved other people’s problem by interpreting the dreams of his fellow prisoners but his labor of love was forgotten for 2 years until Pharaoh could not interpret his dream (Gen 40:8-22, 41:1-40).

In addition, Joseph problem solving attribute brought him before King Pharaoh and he was made a prime minister in a strange land because he walked with God and did not compromise his faith in Him.

Are you willing to render helping hands to the things of God and to people around you in 2014?

Personal Relationship with God (Phil 3:10): There is a clear distinction between knowing God and knowing about God. Most people know about God but they don’t know him personally. Developing a love relationship with God brings faith, trust and total dependence on Him alone. Looking at the life of Joseph, it takes God interpret the dream correctly; it takes God in bringing the dream to past; it takes God in proffering solution (Gen 40:12-22, 41: 37-39).

Rising above all odds in 2014 requires you to develop a personal relationship with God by accepting Him as your Lord and personal saviour if you have not done that before (Rom 10:8-10). Other things that will help you to develop your relationship with God include the followings:

o Faith in God: Heb 11:1,6, Rom 10:17
o Study and obey his word: Jos 1:8, 2Tim 2:15, Ps 1:2-3, Ps 119:105, 11
o Pray without ceasing: 1 Thess 5:17
o Have a teachable spirit that is open to learning, rebuke and correction: Ps 119:33-34, 124-125, 2 Tim 3:16, Ps 86:11
o Always seek his will concerning all things: Jn 4:34, Rom 12:1-2, Jn 4:24, through the help of d Holy-spirit (be drunk in d spirit Eph 5:18), 1Jn 2:15-17, Rom 8:27

If we do not live for the Lord today and accomplish his will for today then we cannot accomplish his will for tomorrow!

Note: An unbeliever might have vision, diligence, self discipline and problem solving ability but it takes personal relationship with God to rise above all odds in 2014.

Author: Tosin.F


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